Bad Weather Driving Tips for Teens

For parents, thinking about their teen driving during bad weather conditions can be a scary thought. There’s good reason for this and It is something best avoided. However, should you happen to find yourself driving through a storm or heavy snowfall, these teen driving tips will help you out.

Bad Weather Driving Tips for Teens

Bad Weather Driving Tips for Teens

Driving in Heavy Rain

  • Here is a good rule to follow. If you need your windshield wipers on in order to see then that means you also need to turn your headlights on. This goes for driving in rain, fog, sleet, or snow. Not only will it help your visibility but it will also help other drivers see you.
  • It’s a good idea to increase the amount of space between you and other drivers when driving on slick roads. You should double or even triple the normal amount of space between you and the car in front of you.
  • If the weather is making it too difficult to see then you should find a place to pull over and wait for the weather to clear.
  • You should never use cruise control when driving on wet or icy roads.

Driving in Snow

  • When you need to brake, do so gently. When you are driving on any slippery surfaces such as ice or snow, lightly apply pressure to the accelerator when speeding up or starting off. If the wheels begin to spin you should simply ease your foot off the accelerator until the car regains traction.
  • If you’ve have backed into a snow pile or had to dig your car out of the snow, make sure that the exhaust tailpipe is not plugged up. If your tailpipe is blocked, there is a good chance that carbon monoxide could fill the car.
  • When you first start driving the car during bad weather, test out your brakes in order to get an idea of how far it takes your car to stop.
  • If you get stuck in the snow and can’t move, try placing the floor mats under the edge of the car tires. This can help give the traction you need to get out.

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