Car Care Tips: Back to School Checklist

Summer is coming to a close and that means all of the college kids will be heading back to school soon. Before you head back to school, make sure you have your textbooks, class schedule, and our car checklist, too! Students, have your vehicle ready for the upcoming school year this fall. A well-working car begins and ends with — you guessed it — good car care! Meyer’s Automotive cares about drivers, so we have created a car care checklist all students need to complete before heading off to school.

Car Care Tip #1 – Oil Change

You’ve heard it over and over again, oil changes are an important part of car care. Well, it turns out oil changes really are essential. We know you have plenty of textbooks to read already, so we will give you the synopsis.

Importance of Oil Changes:

  • Engine will run safely and more efficiently
  • Better friction and temperature control
  • Produce fewer emissions
  • Improved mileage

Car Care Tip #2 – Tire Pressure & Wheel Alignment

Before making the trek back to school with the added stress of transporting dorm furniture, make sure your tires are in good driving condition. Failing to do so could result in poor fuel efficiency or even a popped tire. Nobody wants that!

Car Care Tips: Back to School Checklist

Tire Pressure
For your car to function well, your tires must be at the proper pressure. If you’re unsure about what the correct tire pressure for your vehicle is, reference your owner’s manual. Typically, there is a range, so make sure your tires stay well within the suggested range. Tire pressure is subject to change as you travel from cool to warm weather conditions or through different altitudes, so make a habit of checking your tire pressure when you fill up your gas tank on your trip back to school.

Wheel Alignment
Proper wheel alignment is also an important part of car care. Wheel alignment is critical because it helps you reduce the friction your car’s wheels are exposed to, greatly improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Failing to properly align your car’s wheels also wears down tires more quickly. For longer tire life and better fuel efficiency, make sure to align your tires as often as your owner’s manual or auto technician suggests. After all, wheel alignment is a very important part of car care.

Once you have made sure your tire pressure, wheel alignment, and oil change are in order, all you need to do is pack up your car and fill up your gas tank. Smart students need smart car care. Need car care assistance? For information about our auto services, call Meyer’s Automotive at (314) 892-1071.


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