Car Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Cloth Seats

The car is one of the most important things that people own so it’s equally important to keep it clean. There are many car cleaning tips out there that can help but not all of them are really useful. This is because what they suggest might not work for everyone. Car cleaning tips are there for those who really want to get the inside of the car clean. The seats are the hardest to clean because they are not flat.

Car Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Cloth Seats

Car Cleaning Tips

Here are some car cleaning tips that should help make it easier to clean cloth seats. These car cleaning tips are ones that can be used for not just seats but for anything that is cloth that is in the car, so keep that in mind.

  • Warm Water – One of the first car cleaning tips is to use warm water and spray it evenly on the cloth seat. Use a spray bottle to do this as it’s easier.
  • Cleaning Solution – Just like with the warm water, spray the cleaning solution on right after the water. This is one of those car cleaning tips that people don’t usually do so the seats aren’t really getting cleaned. Instead they just look clean. Let the solution breakdown the dirt and grime on the seats.
  • Cleaning – The most important of all car cleaning tips is the cleaning of the seats. This means getting in and scrubbing the seats with hand towels while they are still wet. This action should make it so that the grime and stuff on the seats comes off.
  • Vacuum – The final step in this set of car cleaning tips is to vacuum the seats. This can be done while the seat is still damp so don’t worry about having to wait until it’s dry. In fact if it dries, going back through these car cleaning tips just might be necessary.

This is a simple yet very effective set of car cleaning tips that can be used for cleaning cloth seats. The nice thing about these is they are also very effective for the floors and even roofs of cars where applicable.

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