Car Maintenance Tips for Teens

Car Maintenance Tips for Teens

They’ve passed the driving test, but how much does your newly licensed teen know about car maintenance? If the answer is “not much,” then it’s time to discuss with your kid how important car maintenance is and how it keeps them safe on the road.

Car Maintenance for Waterloo Teens

Encourage your teen to read the owner’s manual for the vehicle they’ll be driving. The manual contains lots of car maintenance tips that are specific to that make and model. Additionally, it’s the best place to learn to identify in advance the various warning lights that might illuminate on the dash so that teens will know how to respond appropriately.

Another helpful car maintenance tip that teens shouldn’t overlook is regularly getting oil and filter changes. Again, consulting the owner’s manual is helpful, and it doesn’t hurt to take your teen out to the car to find the dipstick to check the oil level and condition.

You might also teach your teen to do a quick weekly car maintenance check. This includes making certain that all of the lights are still working and inspecting the wiper blades to make certain they’re not rough and worn. Another helpful car maintenance step is checking the tire pressure. The owner’s manual and a hand pressure gauge are helpful tools that will keep your teen safe on the road. Once they know the optimum pressure for their tires, they should routinely check to make certain that pressure is being maintained.

Teens should also be battery savvy as part of their car maintenance checklist. Most calls to roadside service providers are the result of a dead battery, so it’s best to head off problems before they start. Teens can make sure the battery connectors are clean with a paste of baking soda and water. This gets rid of the corrosion that compromises battery performance.

Teach your kids these car maintenance tips, and they will be well on their way to becoming a more responsible driver.

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