Car Maintenance Trend: Car Trash Bags

Next time you’re doing your car maintenance, consider how much easier it would have been if you kept a trash bag in the car, instead of letting the debris accumulate on the floor. It’s easy to make a trash receptacle to leave in your car that your family will use every day.

Here are some handy trash cans to help you with your car maintenance:

  • Find a cardboard box that fits in the space between the seats of the back seat. Cut off the flaps on the top half of the box to make it easy for car maintenance. Cover it with wrapping paper. Use a trash liner inside to prevent wet items from ruining the box.
  • Use a plastic cereal container (with a flip top). The closed top will help keep up your car maintenance.
  • An oatmeal container is the right size and shape to hold small items. Plus, you can use plastic grocery bags as liners. Decorate the container and Mod Podge your additions. It will last for a very long time and is a sturdy tiny barrel. Car maintenance will be simpler with the reusable lid.
  • Draw string laundry bags make good large trash holders. If you are handy, you can make a smaller version with a pillow case. Keep on in your trunk or storage area, they roll up tight and can help with your car cleaning. They are also washable with will help with car cleaning as well.
  • Cloth grocery bags also work well. Most have a squared bottom, so they will stay upright to help with car maintenance. The styles created to hold produce or frozen items are usually lined. The cloth can be decorated with fabric paints or stencils.
  • Find an old tissue container (made of wood, wire, or plastic) and use it to catch small bit of refuse like straw papers and used tissues. Line these with plastic grocery bags, too. They can be painted and look nice to help with your car maintenance.

Keeping a trash can in your car is an easy way to make your car maintenance simpler and keep it organized between each cleaning.

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