City Driving Tips: Keep Calm

Driving in the city can be stressful. You may be in an unfamiliar area with more cars, more pedestrians and intense traffic. What to do when you find yourself venturing through the city (your own or a new one)?

Have a strategy! Be prepared for your city driving excursion, and you’ll make it to your destination with your car in tact and a relaxed attitude. When you’re getting ready to do more city driving, you’ll need some guidelines to make it easier. That’s why we’ve made this list of city driving tips.

City Driving Tips

Plan your route
Know where you’re going- including the addresses and phone numbers of each location. Instead of just knowing you’re meeting a friend at a sushi place on Marigold Street for dinner, have the details saved somewhere. Write the address on a piece of paper or save it on your phone so you know that you’re heading to “Crazy Sushi” at 124 Marigold Street. The more details, the better.

Avoid rush hour when you can
Rush hour can be more like rush 3-hours in most cities. If you don’t have to take the main roads during the morning or afternoon commute, don’t. If there is no escaping that time frame, be prepared. Ask friends which roads have better traffic flow and which should be avoided. Check transportation sites or apps for the current traffic so you are ready for what you’ll hit.

Be ready for parking situations
Parking in the city can be tricky. You may have to circle the block several times before you see an open spot. In some places you’ll have to scour through the parking garages and be prepared to pay. Always put your belongings in the trunk before you leave so nothing is visible to outsiders.

City Driving Tips: Keep Calm

Be patient and relax
Patience is the most important thing to remember when you’re navigating the city. Leave early, be ready for traffic and don’t panic if you make a wrong turn. Staying calm will help you focus on the road and realize that you can navigate. If you do get lost, find a safe area to ask for directions.


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