Cost effective gifts for the holidays

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone and part of that is the thought of getting your dream gift from your parents. The economy is tough right now which means the chance of you getting that dream gift from your parents slim to none.

Here are some cost-effective alternative gift ideas to ask for instead of their more expensive counterparts:

  1. Laptop – While you may want a top of the line Apple Macbook, they are very pricey. Instead of asking for an Apple laptop, you might consider the Google Chromebook. At $249, it is an inexpensive alternative to the Macbook, which starts at $999.
  2. Tablet – If you don’t already have one, an iPad is sure to end up on everyone’s holiday wish list. However, the newest model of iPad starts at $499, which may be out of your parent’s price range. A cheaper alternative is the third-generation iPad which starts at $399 or the iPad Mini, which starts at $329.
    You can even go cheaper and still get a great device. The Amazon Kindle Fire starts at just $159 and even their most expensive Wi-Fi only model comes in at $299 (the Kindle Fire HD 8.9”), which is cheaper than any iPad. The Google Nexus 7 starts at $199 and the Google Nexus 10 starts at $399.
  3. MP3 Player – No doubt that Apple produces the best MP3 player out there but some of their recent product releases can break the bank. Instead of asking for the new 5th generation iPod Touch, which starts at $299, consider asking for the iPod Touch 4th generation which has two price points: $199 for the 16GB version and $249 for the 32 GB version. Another alternative is the new iPod nano which cost $149 for the 16 GB version. If you’re just looking for an MP3 device to work out with, the 2 GB iPod Shuffle is also a great choice at just $49.
  4. Headphones – Perhaps you already have an iPhone or iPod (or any other MP3 device) and you want a great pair of headphones to go with them. While the tech blogs will tell you to get a nice pair of Bose headphones and your favorite musicians, athletes and other celebrities are wearing Beats by Dre, there are a few cost-cutting headphones that still sound great. The Koss PortaPro will range from $40 to $85 and the MEElectronics HT-21 range from $20 to $45.
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