Does Your Car Represent Your Lifestyle?

When it comes to the vehicle you drive, does it have something to say about your lifestyle? The experts seem to think so. In fact, they type of car you drive can give others clues about the type of life you live.

Does Your Car Represent Your Lifestyle?

Smart Car

For example, smart car owners tend to care about the environment. They’re more apt to recycle and exercise energy saving practices at home and in the office. They like a compact car that can be charged and used without depleting the Earth of its natural resources. Smart car owners are often associated with hipsters because the idea of rechargeable car is novel.

Sports Car

A sports car is sleek and sophisticated. It grabs people’s attention and gets them wondering who the occupant of the car is. If you roll up to a social event in a sports car, you’re sure to turn some heads. In fact, celebrities and very wealthy business men are typically the first in line to buy sports cars.

Pick-up Truck

A pick-up truck makes a statement. Its driver likes to haul things around. They like machines that are rugged and can take a lot of abuse. When you see a pick-up truck being driven, the owner is taking pride in the fact that his or her vehicle can withstand the unthinkable.


A minivan is perfect for families. They can haul a bunch of kids around with ease. Most minivans are like small homes on wheels. They’re equipped with TVs, DVD players, and phone chargers to keep children entertained while mom or dad drives.

The type of car that you drive says a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Think about it for a second. Do you gravitate towards certain makes and models? Do you have a manufacturer that you love? Your car personality is a telltale sign that you’re living life to the fullest in the best way you possibly know how to.

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