Fall Car Safety Tips

The weather is cooling off and before you know it, the leaves will be changing color and collecting on the streets. Fall is a time of change, so it is important that your teen is aware of the car safety adjustments they will need to make to stay safe throughout the transition into fall. At Meyer’s Automotive, we care about your teen’s safety. This fall make sure your teen consults our list of fall car safety tips.


Fall Car Safety Tips

There are few things as lovely as the change of trees’ leaves in fall. As a driver, it is important that your teen is aware of the impact leaves can have on driving conditions. If it is rainy and cool outside, leaves can become dangerous road hazards. Wet leaves can make for slippery driving conditions. So, when driving in these conditions, encourage your teen to take extra car safety measures like allowing for additional braking time. Doing so will help your teen come to safer stops and could even help prevent accidents.


As we make the transition into fall, we lose more daylight and it becomes darker much earlier. “Missouri law states that you should use your headlights from one half-hour after sunset to one half-hour before sunrise, or whenever weather conditions require the use of your windshield wipers,” reported the DMV. Since the sun sets much earlier in the fall than it does in summer, remind your teen about this car safety policy and make them aware of when sunset is. As a rule of thumb, teens should also use headlights whenever they are in poorly lit conditions.

Rain, Sleet, and Snow

Weather can be unpredictable, so it is critical that your teen is prepared to drive in different weather conditions. Rain, sleet, and even snow are not uncommon throughout the fall months, which means your teen must have properly working wiper blades, defog units, and brakes. When it gets cool and/or slippery outside, these car components become especially important.

Car safety is essential, especially for teens. Before your teen sets out on the roads this fall, make sure they are familiar with our list our car safety tips. For more information about car safety or repairs, contact Meyer’s Service at (314) 892-1071 today.


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