How to Pack an Emergency Car Kit

As a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your teen driver is teaching them how to pack an emergency car kit. Chances are your teen will want to drive their car everywhere, even to locations that are just a few blocks down the road. For teens, driving is a matter of independence. As parents, it is your job to stress that this form of independence comes with responsibilities, like creating an emergency car kit.

Emergency Car Kit Checklist

To keep things simple, Meyer’s Automotive has created a checklist of items your teen should include in their emergency car kit.

Spare Tire

Having a spare tire in the car may seem like a given, but you would be surprised to learn how many people drive around without this crucial emergency car kit component. In the event that one of your kid’s tires does blow, a spare tire will usually ensure that your teen can get their vehicle to a safe location, where the damaged tire can be fixed or replaced. In addition to having a spare tire, your child will need to have all the necessary equipment that is needed to change a tire.


Another thing that is essential to this emergency car kit is a toolbox with all the basic wrenches and screwdrivers. One of the most important things to include in this toolbox is an owner’s manual. If your teen driver ends up broken down and unsure about a certain component of their car, an owner’s manual can be very helpful. Flares and fuses are other important items to have inside of this emergency car kit, because when it’s dark outside, the fuses can be used to point out locations. The last item that should go inside of the toolbox is duct tape. It can be used to hold down light, loose items on your car.

How to Pack an Emergency Car Kit

Additional Tools

Not all of the items needed in an emergency car kit will fit inside of a tool box. Making room for these larger items is still very important, though. For obvious reasons, a fire extinguisher is good to include. An empty gas can is also crucial to have on hand in case your teen’s car runs out of gas. And don’t forget to add a can of motor oil, too — this is an absolute must!

Emergency Car Kit Musts

In the event that your teen ends up in a real-life emergency, they will need to have a few more things. There is nothing worse than fumbling around under the hood of a car…in the dark. To avoid this, every emergency car kit should come equipped with a flashlight and an extra set of batteries. If it will be awhile before help can arrive, your child will need to stay hydrated. Keeping a couple of bottled waters is always a good safety measure. The last thing you’ll always want your teen to keep on hand is a cell phone with all of their emergency contacts. Although it is never ideal to be stranded, having all the proper emergency car kit essentials can make a big difference.

So, before your teen sets off on another car trip, make sure they are well-versed with this emergency car kit checklist. Creating this kit doesn’t have to be a boring experience. Make it a fun parent-child bonding experience. Together, you can put together an emergency car kit that will be effective during times of roadside crisis.

For more information about emergency car kits or other safety tips, contact Meyer’s Automotive today.


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