ICE Up: In Case of Emergency Contacts for Your Teen Driver

ICE can do a lot more than make your drinks cold. When it comes to driver’s safety, ICE can actually save lives. No, we’re not talking about applying it to injured areas. We’re talking about the three-letter acronym for In Case of Emergency, and it’s a simple abbreviation that can be life-saving in distressing situations—especially for teenage drivers.

For the past few weeks, we at Meyer’s and Waterloo Automotive have been talking about teen drivers and their safety behind the wheel. As auto service providers, we don’t like reading the statistics that show just how many of our young men and women are losing their lives on the roads every year. As the leading cause of death among teenagers in America, auto accidents are a very real threat to their safety and their lives. That’s why this week we’re talking about the ICE method.

Now, if you’re a parent, you may have already heard about this practice. If that’s the case, we’re happy that you’re using it! It’s a helpful way for teens to know who to call when they’re under stress.

The ICE process is easy. Simply pull up the contacts list on your teen’s phone and create several new entries, each beginning with “ICE.” These numbers can include your and your spouse’s cell and work numbers, the number of a trusted friend in your neighborhood, your auto insurance company and/or roadside assistance, and any other reliable sources you feel they should call if they are in an auto accident. You can either label your entries according to the order in which they should be dialed (e.g. “ICE1,” “ICE2,” “ICE3,” etc.) or by using the specifics of each number (e.g. “ICE – Mom Work”).

ICE Up: In Case of Emergency Contacts for Your Teen Driver

The best part about ICE is that it is useful off the road as well. Teens can use these numbers in a variety of distressing situations ranging from home emergencies to social outings to random acts of violence. Instead of wasting time fumbling through their contacts, they will know exactly where to find the numbers they need in order to get immediate help. And, not only will ICE give your kids an extra safety tool for emergencies, it will also provide you with invaluable peace of mind.

At Meyer’s and Waterloo Automotive, we believe that the ICE method is an effective practice for any family, and we encourage you to sit down together as a group and talk about what to do in emergency situations. Address why each ICE number is included on the list and what your teens should say when making the calls. By preparing them for distressing circumstances, they will be far more equipped to handle them with poise and to remain calm during even the most traumatic of events.

Parents, we know you love your children and will do whatever you can to protect them—especially when they take to the roads. That’s why we hope you’ll embrace the ICE method and prep them for whatever may come. While you can’t always be by their sides, you can send them out into the world with every chance for success!

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