Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

You’ve hopped out of the pool, dried off and enjoyed a perfectly chilled drink. It’s been a delightful summer day. Now, to drive home. You head to the car and are welcomed by a blazing door handle and a seat that scorches your bare legs.

We’ve all been there. The heat is not only uncomfortable, but it is also damaging to your car. On a 90 degree day, the temperature in a car parked outside can reach up to 140 degrees. The windows turn the car into a sort of greenhouse, trapping heat. Temperatures that high are not good for many things, so I know that your car’s interior will not benefit from soaring heat this summer.

Preventing prolonged heat exposure will help you keep your car in good condition. You can make some simple changes to keep your car cool and keep you and your family comfortable all summer.

Make some shade
The accordion folded, aluminum foil-like sun shades may not be the most convenient devices ever, but they do a great job. Use a sun shade in the windshield when you park your car outside. If you have kids in the backseat, find side window shades to keep that area cool.

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Prime parking
Try to park in a garage or under a cover whenever possible. When you do park outside, look for shade.

Keep your coolant
Keep extra antifreeze in your car during the summer. Antifreeze has the important job of keeping your engine from getting too hot. The pros at Meyer’s Service can check your coolant and make sure your engine is ready for a hot summer.

Cover up
Store blankets and towels in your car during the summer. When you leave the car parked, spread the covers over all seats. The blankets will get hot, but the seat material will be protected from fading due to sun exposure.

Steer easy
The steering wheel can get especially hot to the touch. Spread a hand towel over it on hot days and toss it aside when you take off again.

Window habits
Leave the windows cracked but not open wide to let hot air escape.


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