Make Prom A Night to Remember

Are you counting down to prom yet? We’re betting that you might have the perfect dress already, and maybe you’ve made plans for after prom. Planning for prom is exciting- it’s not only a fun night, but it’s a clue that the end of the school year is near!

Prom can be a fun night that you’ll remember for years, but it can also turn into a horrible memory. Every year, newscasters have to share the details of accidents that took place on prom night. Too many young adults lose their life too early because of prom night excitement.

This year, make sure prom is a night you’ll want to remember. Prom night can be stressful- planning who you’ll go with, where you’ll have dinner, and what you’ll all do after the dance. Make it fun from start to finish. If you have a plan, there will be less stress. You’ll be able to focus on having a good time.

Here are the first 3 tips for making prom night fun. Our next post will cover the rest!

1. Make a Schedule
Plan out your whole day. Getting your hair done and meeting friends for a pedicure in the morning? Include that. Write in time for breakfast and lunch- you don’t want to be hungry on your busy day! Being on time all day will keep you and your friends calm. You’ll have less things to worry about and more time to focus on taking pictures! You’ll also have less reason to speed off to make sure you don’t miss dinner!

Make Prom A Night to Remember

2. Rent a Limo
Limos can be expensive, but splitting the cost between all of your friends will make it reasonable. You’ll have a fun way to get around, and you won’t have to worry about who is driving, finding directions or driving through distractions!

3. Ask for a Ride
If your group isn’t big enough for a limo, you might want to ask a cool family member for a ride. They know prom is important, so I’m sure they’d be willing to give you and your friends a ride.

Check out our next post for the rest of our prom planning tips! Like Meyer’s Service on Facebook for more tips and advice!


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