Name That Noise

Becoming independent of help from parents is one goal that many teenagers strive to attain. Whether it’s financially or otherwise, being able to handle things on your own is an important life skill. Learning about the noises your car makes, good and bad, is one way to become more independent from your parent or guardian.

Squeak during braking
If you hear a high-pitched or squeaking sound when you break, it could be a result of your new (or wearing!) brake pads or a sign that you have water on the brakes.

Sizzle under the hood
If you notice this most immediately after turning off the engine, it means something is leaking. It could be anything from coolant to oil, but get it checked out.

Clunk in the front end
A clunking sound towards the front of your car during idling or going over small bumps, it’s probably an issue with the ball joint losing lubrication. Make an appointment to replace it.

Whine while turning
A whiny sound while turning the steering wheel likely means you’re low on power steering fluid. It’s typically not a big problem, but check the levels.

Grumble in the front end
When the car is at idle, this is probably an issue with the water pump. Get it checked immediately to find out if you need a replacement.

Thunk in a corner of the vehicle
If you hear a thunk when you turn, you might have a loose or worn out CV joint. Take it to an auto repair shop for a replacement.

This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, but it gives you an idea of some common problems. When in doubt, always take it to a repair shop. Neglecting a problem can cause more costly issues down the line. If you find your car is making a funny noise, call Waterloo Automotive for an appointment at (618) 939-5855.


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