Preventing teenage drinking and driving

Teenage drinking is a risk that attracts many adolescents and teens. When young people indulge in teenage drinking, they often don’t realize the damaging effects drinking can cause in their lives, families as well as the community.

Preventing teenage drinking and driving

Preventing teenage drinking and driving

Car crashes that are alcohol related are the number one killer of most teens, especially during the months of prom and graduation when teenage drinking is higher. Peer pressure has always been another huge issue to deal with. Here you will find parenting strategies to help lower the risky behaviors of teenagers.

Setting clear rules against drinking:Studies show that teens with parents who establish clear behavior expectations, monitors the coming and going of their teens and are not afraid to say no are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as teenage drinking and driving. Feel free to be strict without feeling guilty and stress on one rule – “Never drink and drive”.

Don’t make liquor available:The easiest place to get alcohol is at home. Lock up your liquor supply and don’t let your teen know where you keep your key. Count the bottles and ensure that older siblings do not supply any liquor.

Form a good alliance with other parents:Most teens say that they have been supervised where alcohol is available. As a parent, get to know your teen’s friends and also their parents. Form a pact to monitor each others kids to help prevent teenage drinking.

Closely monitor special occasions:Graduation and prom nights are teen occasions when teenage drinking and drunk driving accidents are at their peak. Ensure that you and other parents get on board with the school in order to reduce the likelihood of teenage drinking and driving. You can also limit the amount of driving by hiring a limo to drive them to the place.

Have a one on one talk with your teen:Help your adolescent think of the appropriate things to say to avoid peer pressure such as “I don’t need a ride my friend is coming”. You can also create a secret code that allows them to notify you that they need picked up without making it obvious to their peers. When your teen text messages you with “I think I’m coming down with the flu.”, that’s your signal that they want to be rescued from a situation.

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