Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Spring Car Maintenance in St. Louis, MO

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Just like spring cleaning is great for your home, following a spring car maintenance checklist is a wonderful way to care for your car. Many cars spent a hazardous winter marked by extreme temperatures and adverse weather. The result is a lot of wear and tear. Summer can also be hard on your car, so spring is the perfect time to perform corrective car maintenance and to repair any damage.

The first item on the spring car maintenance checklist is the battery. Winter can really drain its power, but so can the summer. Give it a once over now to ward off future problems. Car maintenance items like cleaning and checking the terminals are a perfect place to start.

Also, pay attention to whether or not your battery is going dead. Watch for dimming headlights and interior lights as well as slow power windows, any of which can indicate a weak battery.

Give your wiper blades an inspection too. Winter weather can wear down the rubber, and you’ll want to replace the blades. Speaking of rubber, another important car maintenance item is looking at your tires. Winter conditions can really wear them down. Take a look at them and have them replaced, if necessary. Check the tire pressure as well. Temperature changes can wreak havoc with tire pressure, which can adversely affect your car’s performance.

As part of your spring car maintenance, look for corrosion on the brakes. Additionally, pay attention to whether or not your brake pedal feels soft or if the brakes are squeaking. Get the car into a mechanic for a brake check as part of your car maintenance project if you notice these symptoms.

The first hot days are not the time to discover that your AC doesn’t work. Check the system as part of your car maintenance and get the car in for an AC service if things aren’t working optimally. When warmer weather hits, you’ll be glad you did.

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