State Car Inspections

Did you know there are 57 pages in the Missouri Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Regulations Manual? That’s right! The state wants to make sure that every car on the road is safe enough to be out there—both for the sake of the drivers and everyone they pass. That’s why whenever you purchase a pre-owned vehicle you must have it inspected by a government-approved location in order to legally take to the streets.

State Car Inspections

What exactly goes into a vehicle inspection? What kind of requirements does your car have to meet before it is considered safe by the powers that be? Because each state has differing laws, we’ll start by outlining Missouri’s checklist this week and continue with Illinois next time.

State Car Inspections

For each inspection, both the interior and exterior components of the vehicle must be checked along with everything under the hood as well as its performance in certain areas.

We give each vehicle a thorough exam both while the engine is running and while it is powered down. Without turning the key, we carefully examine the steering wheel, pedals, dashboard lights and indicators, mirrors, seat belts, windshield wiper operations, horn and glass inside the car. Outside, we review the wiper condition, all of the lights, the reflectors and the gas filler cap. While on the exterior side, we also inspect the bumpers making sure they are of the appropriate height and weight. We also check under the hood to make sure the cylinder unit, power steering unit, upper control arms and steering components are in working order. The car’s air pollution devices are examined as well in order to make sure the automobile isn’t an environmental hazard.

When we do fire up the engine, we are able to evaluate how well the parts are working both collectively and individually. We check the exhaust system, catalytic converter, tires and wheels, bearings, brake lines, hoses, fuel system, shock absorbers and all the various bars, joints, links and handles. In order to review the brakes even more, we also drive the car to review their performance.

Finally, when all is said and done, we complete the government-issued MVI-2 form and either reject or approve the vehicle. It’s a thorough process, and it involves a detailed, trained eye—which we are happy to provide.

Because not every station is authorized to perform auto inspections, we at Meyer’s Automotive are grateful that we can serve our customers by providing this helpful service. Bring us your vehicle, and we promise to give it the quality review it deserves and help you take to the road with both the government’s approval and your own peace of mind. Call us today!


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