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Engine Oil Change Myths, Part 1

Engine Oil Change Myths, Part 1

Most car owners know that their vehicles will require an oil change to keep everything running smoothly, lubricate the engine, protect the engine from rust and corrosion, and eliminate sludge. Whether the owner understands how, when, and other details about the oil change depends on how much they know about engine oil. As St. Louis auto service experts, we’ve heard it all over the years. We’re here to set the record straight about the engine oil and oil change myths that our customers often ask about. Here are two oil change myths you might have heard — stay tuned for the final three next week! Common Oil Change Myths Dark Engine Oil is Dirty & Must Be Changed Sludge buildup in an engine is a concern for any driver, as it can dramatically affect your car’s performance. But using the dipstick to check the engine oil color is not the best indicator of sludge buildup, despite the oil change myth that says it is. When your engine oil darkens, it ... read more


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