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Engine Oil Change Myths, Part 2

Engine Oil Change Myths, Part 2

In our last post, we explored the first two oil change myths that you may have heard: that dark engine oil is dirty and requires immediate changing, and that the W in 10W-30 engine oil stands for weight. Now for the final three misconceptions about engine oil! Engine Oil Change Myths, Part 2 You Need to Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles Somehow, the 3,000 mile myth got started, and it’s still circulating today. According to this oil change myth, after 3,000 miles your St. Louis| Engine Oil Change Myths, Part 2engine would start filling with sludge, decreasing your vehicle’s performance and leaving the engine’s moving parts at a higher risk for damage. Despite the rumor’s persistence, it simply isn’t true any longer. Perhaps this was once the case, but the invention of modern engine oil has rendered the 3,000 rule irrelevant. Engine oil now has better viscosity — this coupled with improvements to automobile engineering overall ensur ... read more


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