Teens and Driving: Safe Alternatives

Many parents have had the discussion with their kids about what to do if they are stranded in a location after-hours and not in a condition to drive. Parents, we applaud you if you have. Teenagers often make mistakes and get into compromising situations, which can be even more dangerous if they have car keys. At other times, they will have to make wise decisions by choosing not getting into the car of an intoxicated friend. Either way, it’s important for them to know whom to call and what to do.

Hopefully, in these situations, the first call they will make will be to you, but that may not always be the case. In those times, your child needs to know what options are available for transportation.

Teens and Driving: Safe Alternatives

In a major metro area like St. Louis, a variety of city-run public transportation is available. With the Metrobus and Metrolink systems, teens can access stations depending on their location and easily get from one spot to the next. Because public transportation maps can be confusing, however, it is important that you go over the schedules and stations with your child and make sure they know the proper stops and fees. If, however, the bus and the Link aren’t desirable options in the late night hours, St. Louis also runs a curb-to-curb van service called Call-a-Ride. As this service requires advanced reservations, it may not be the best option for on-the-spot dialing, but it can be helpful if your teen knows in advance that they will need a lift home.

Certainly one of the most common options is calling a cab. With the number of options available, it may be a good idea to program the number of a trusted cab company into your son or daughter’s phone so that they won’t have to waste time searching in a distracting situation. Be sure you know the number, as well, just in case your child calls you in a panic and needs you to lend a hand by making the call for them.

Finally, on both sides of the state line local safe ride services are available. In both Missouri and Illinois, there are companies that provide rides to those in need of designated drivers. Visit drinkinganddriving.org for a directory.

At Waterloo Service, we want what is best for our young drivers. And if not driving is the wise thing, then we hope that’s the choice they will make. And, parents, we encourage open communication with your teens. Only by being well-prepared and informed will they be able to make the best choices in the heat of the moment. And in order to help them stay safe out there, know that we’ll always be here to fix you and your family up for the road ahead.

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