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Tips to help you with your New Year’s resolutions

You may or may not have already worked on your New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are a good way to get rid of bad habits and to get yourself to live a better life. The problem with resolutions is that too many times people end up forgetting about them by the end of the month.

Tips to help you with your New Year’s resolutions

Here are some tips to help keep your resolutions this year:

  • Write your resolutions down – One way to force yourself to be reminded of your resolutions is to write them down and put them in a place you frequent. Your closet, bathroom, kitchen or your door is a great place to put your resolutions and to get a daily reminder.
  • Journal – Having a journal to record your progress is a great way to remind yourself to keep your resolutions going. If you are noticing your success, it will be a great motivational tool.
  • Announce your goals to the public – Chronicle your success (and failures) on social media. Make a blog with videos chronicling your results. Think of it as a public journal. Your friends and family can help motivate you along!
  • Plan ahead – If you know you are going on vacation or to a special event, plan ahead so you can keep your resolutions. If you know there will not be healthy food, try to grab a bite to eat before you head out or bring your own. If you know you want to lose a certain amount of weight by a wedding, make sure you set reasonable goals along the way to help reach your final goal!
  • Treat yourself – Giving yourself a reward is a great motivation tool. Buy yourself a new outfit every time you lose a certain amount of weight. Get a massage every month if you plan on having a month full of tough workouts
  • Track your progress – There are certain devices and apps that can help you track your progress, no matter what your resolution is. Pedometers and heart monitors can help you track your workouts. This may be a great way to motivate yourself if you like technology!
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