Tragedy in Newtown

Less than a week after the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, it is still difficult to grasp the thought of dealing with such a difficult situation.

Tragedy in Newtown

We understand that there will always be questions that may never be answered: why it happened, what could have been done to prevent it from happening and how can we change to make sure this never happens again.

It is okay to admit that you are having difficulties grasping the concept of why this unthinkable tragedy occurred. The good news is that are plenty of ways you can personally help yourself and other people in your life dealing with grief and sorrow.

Here are some resources that can help you cope with this:

  1. Your parents – Your parents are your best resource when it comes to dealing with a tragedy. No, they might not have all the answers for how you should cope with this but they will be someone you can go to so that you can express your feelings about this.
  2. Your teachers / school staff – If you do not feel safe coming to your own school or you need someone to talk to, your school has ways to address these situations. Reach out to your teachers or school counselor to talk about your feelings. They may share your exact feelings and anxiety about the situation, as well. Even with the amount of school shootings that have occurred in the past, your school is still one of the safest places to be.

Parents and teachers: here are some links to help talk to kids about this tragedy:


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