Weekend Parties & Keeping Your Teen Safe

The teenage years are an age when most children seek more independence and freedom. This is the age that teens will want to explore and do many things without thinking about the possible consequences. At this age they usually get carried away with many activities such as friends, school and other activities that disconnect them from their parents.

Weekend Parties & Keeping Your Teen Safe

However, as a parent, this is the best time to strengthen your relationship with your teen so that you can always be in touch with what they become involved in. By having good communication with your child, the teenager gets to learn how to think for themselves and also make informed choices that will keep them away from danger.

Keeping Your Teen Safe at Homecoming

One good example is homecoming. Going to homecoming functions such as the dance is an exciting experience for many high school students but also an anxious moment for most parents who are left at home worrying about the safety of their teen. What if the child gets involved in underage drinking? What if he or she gets involved in a road accident because of a teen driver? What if my child gets pressured into trying drugs by other teens? These are some of the questions that always haunt parents whenever their teenagers attend such events.

You can ease these fears by simply having a friendly conversation with your teen about the safety required at these events. The dangers are out there and it’s important that you equip your teenager with all the information they need to know about the danger or risks that they should avoid.

Don’t wait until the last moment. Talk to your teen few days before the big day and ensure they are well informed about safety and fun at a homecoming event! Talk to your child about peer pressure and how it may easily influence them in their decision making. However, always assure them that you trust them and their actions even when you’re not present. Mention issues such as drugs, peer pressure, teenager drivers and underage drinking.

Keeping Your Teen Safe at Parties

House parties are another activity that keeps parents in a restless mood especially when they know that the party will be held when they are not around. Here are some tips that can help to keep teens safe:

  • Make rules that your child should adhere to and also pass them to his/her friends before the event. This is essentially meant to prevent your child and the friends from going beyond what they are supposed to.
  • Get to know your teen’s friends or the “invited guests” and also enquire how they both know each other.
  • Strictly warn them against bringing any substance such as alcohol, drugs or tobacco into the house party.
  • If you are around, don’t allow anyone to return to the party after walking out because they may come back under the influence.

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