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What Documents to Always Keep in Your Car

The following are the documents you will need in the case of being pulled over or if involved in any accident. These should be in your car at all times:

Proof of Insurance
This is the first thing you need when you’re in an accident or if stopped by the police. Make your life easier by always having this handy in your car and make sure it’s not expired! Having non up-to-date information will likely result in a ticket or higher fees on an existing ticket.

Car Registration
The physical paper document affiliated with your car’s license plate is your proof that your car is registered to you (or your parents). Always keep this in the same safe place, like the glove compartment, near your proof of insurance.

What Documents to Always Keep in Your Car

Car Title- Not Necessary
We actually recommend leaving this one at home. This is not something you want to carry around or even something you want to leave in your car. Not only is this a hard document to replace, but it’s also something that, if discovered by a thief, would assist them in being able to sell your car

Have your proof of insurance and car’s registration in a safe place at all times. By having these ready you will save yourself a lot of hassle. Of course, it’s also important to always have your driver’s license on your person while driving. You driver’s license legalized you as a driver and should not be left in your car.

Being pulled over or getting into an accident are high stress times. The last stress you want to add is trying to locate the documents you need. Remember to keep these organized, current, and in a safe place.


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