What Teens Should Do After A Car Accident

What do you after getting involved in your first car accident? A teens first reaction is to freak out and then call their parents. Before you reach for your phone, slow down, take a deep breath and follow these responsible actions.

What Teens Should Do After A Car Accident

Turn Off Your Vehicle

The first thing you should do is put your vehicle into park and turn it off. If your car is sitting in a dangerous location or obstructing traffic then you should move it to the side of the road if possible. However, you should first know if this is legal to do. In some states it is actually illegal to move the vehicle out of the middle of the road after an accident. Make sure that you turn off the ignition. You do not know for certain what damage has been done to the vehicle and leaving it running could potentially result in a fire or further damage.


This is easier said then done. You most likely have a lot of adrenaline flowing through your veins at this moment. However, you should take a deep breath and calm down. You’re not the first person in the world to ever get in an accident. Auto accidents happen every single day. Your job right now is to deal with this situation safely and responsibly.

Check for Injuries

Make sure that you or any other drivers or passengers are not seriously injured. If somebody is injured do not attempt to administer first aid if you are not trained to do so and never attempt to move an injured person. You could cause serious damage to their body by simply trying to help them.

Call 911 or the Police

If there is an injury, contact 911 so that medical services can be dispatched quickly. If there are not injuries and no immediate danger, contact the local police department to dispatch officers to the scene of the accident.

Talk To Witnesses

While you’re waiting for the police to reach the accident, ask any witnesses if they would stay until the police arrive so they can give a statement. Get these people’s names and contact information. This is both helpful in case they cannot wait for the police and to give to your insurance provider.

Exchange Information

Exchange information with the other driver. Write down their contact information, driver license number and insurance information.

Take Photos

Don’t forget to take photos on not only your car but the entire scene. Get photos of the damage to your vehicle, to any other vehicles and then step back to capture photos of the entire scene. Was there a huge bush blocking a stop sign? Photograph that information now.

Call Your Parents

Once all of these steps have been completed you can call your parents to notify them that you were in an accident. Your first reaction was probably to call your parents and they also would want to be notified immediately. However, it’s time for you to be responsible. Take care of what needs to be done and then you can call your parents while waiting for the police to arrive.

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