Most Popular Apps Among Young Adults

You probably don’t remember car phones. (Lucky you.) We are even past the time of cell phones. This is now the generation of smart phones. In fact, these smartphones are where some people are spending much of their time. We decided to do a little research on what apps young adults are spending their time buried into (besides texting of course).

Most Popular Apps Among Young Adults

Pandora is a radio app that offers you music anytime you like with less ads than the actual radio. Pandora lets you create a playlist through your favorite song or artist. IT will also suggest similar songs based on your playlist. Perfect for a teen on the go or in the car.

Also for music lovers, the Shazam app helps you keep up with the songs you want to download. If you hear a song play, you hold out your phone and Shazam will provide you with the song information.

Instragram is a photo sharing app. It lets you edit pictures before posting and see your friends or celebrities photos.

Twitter is a very quickly growing social media tool. You can post pictures, like Instagram without the editing, and you can keep up with your followers by having the mobile app. You can mention your friends or add hashtags about your activities or thoughts. #fascinating

We all know what Facebook is by now, right? This is a great “time waster” and won’t let you miss anything. The Fb app is always on the list of top app downloads.

Probably more popular among girls, Pinterest keeps access to recipes, fashion tips, home decor ideas, and more at your fingertips. The Pinterest app gives you access to your boards and the ability to pin new things. You connect through Facebook, so these would go hand in hand.

Temple Run
Temple Run is a game where you guide a runner through a temple. Sounds self explanatory, right? Well this popular game has been described as “addictive” for all ages. This will provide you with hours of entertainment- even if you weren’t planning on it.

iStudies Pro
Who would we be if we didn’t provide at least one organizational app to use for school and work. iStudies offers an extensive planner for you to keep your busy schedule straight.

What’s your favorite app?


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