How to Fight Seasonal Depression

Let’s face it, the winter months aren’t great for students. The short days mean darkness as early as 5pm and our workload seems to greatly increase. Its not surprising that some of us will experience some seasonal depression or just simply slip into a funk. Here are some ways to keep your head above water and fight the winter blues:

Seasonal Depression
  1. Get out in the sun as much as possible.
    Much of seasonal depression is caused by the lack of daylight we are getting. So fight the cold weather and instinct to stay inside and walk the dog or take a drive. If you work full time or have a busy schedule, take a long drive during your lunch break and roll down the windows to get some fresh air.
  2. Position yourself next to a window.
    If you have studying to do or have work that needs to be done, don’t bury yourself in the basement. Find a quiet spot near a window so that you can work with natural lighting.
  3. Be social.
    Put some excitement into your life by getting out more. Again, our instincts are telling us to hibernate, but isolation is part of the problem. Meeting up with friends to make the best of the weather like sledding or skiing is a great way to do this.
  4. Exercise.
    Being active releases endorphins into your body that makes you feel happier. Take as little as 30 minutes per day to get some exercise, even if its just a dance party in your room. Combine this with getting some sunlight by pulling back the shades and cranking up the music.
  5. Eat Right.
    Foods packed with omega-3’s, like leafy vegetables, are helpful with maintaining moods. You also want to watch your sugar intake- winter weight gain can make a bad mood even worse.

These small steps to preventing seasonal depression go a long way. Make a habit of them to get out of your winter slump and remember spring is just around the corner!

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